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Who are we ?

The word ‘Elixir’ has Latin, Greek, and Arabic origins, and is defined as “a potion with magical powers”.

The same description applies to modern-day medicine, as its capabilities continue to grow and introduce life-changing improvements to patients’ lives.

Elixir Pharma is an emerging shareholding pharmaceutical company that specializes in the provision of varied commercial and scarce medication.

Founded in 2018, we have rapidly grown by innovatively creating a diversified portfolio of products on the back of the ambition and drive of our highly qualified team.


About Elixir

Our Vision

Our Vision

is to reach the forefront of the Egyptian pharmaceutical market and lead pharmaceutical exports in Africa

Our Mission

Our Mission

is to provide groundbreaking, affordable, and innovative pharmaceutical solutions across Egypt and Africa to improve the quality of people’s lives

Our Values

Our Values

At Elixir, we will always favor quality over quantity.

Our Purpose

“People deserve to live, not just survive”

We believe in every person’s right to medicine, but we also seek to improve people’s lives beyond medical treatment. Through communication, we aim to build a platform that cares for people on both physical and mental levels. We invest in growing ideas, recommendations, insights, and support to create a positive environment that strengthens the tie between people’s health and happiness. To achieve this, we are also committed to selling medicine that treats ailments conveniently, we do not believe that a person must suffer on their way to recovery, and we make sure that all our products reflect this ideology.

CEO Message

“Every member of this company’s team was handpicked to reflect true professional excellence for the greater good of the patients. Working together with our stakeholders, our goal is simple: to transform the pharmaceutical market in the Middle East for the better, forever, for all of us. There is no better time to start than now.”


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